GRUEN "Ristside"





Radically Curved "Driver's Watch"




Attention "Serious" Vintage, Rare & Classic Collectible Timepiece People! These are rarely ever seen for sale. Our current search on the Internet & eBay turned up with only a leather strap & a non-original dial being offered for $1,525. Shop with Boomertime to get the finest and save money at the same time! Ours comes with BOTH the original old link bracelet and a leather strap!!




The remarkable radically curved "Drivers Watch" timepiece was the first of its kind in 1932 designed to be worn on the "apex", or "side" of the wrist rather than on the top or center of the wrist. When attempting to check the time with conventional wristwatches (up until this time) required the wearer to actually "turn" or rotate their wrists to tell time. This action did not need to be done with these "Ristside" models. This was a particularly nice feature for over the road truck drivers needing to keep at least one hand on the steering wheel at all times. They could just glance down to check the time without needing to let go of the steering wheel to check the time on their wrist watch!!

This also held true for a person with anything such as a drink, a glass, a cup, a bottle or whatever they were holding!

Below is an original ad for the Gruen "Ristside" "Driver's" watch depicting someone with their hand on a large steering wheel. Also note the 74 year old price of $50. That would equate to about $3500 retail in today's money!!!

This Ultra Rare timepiece is 100% All Original and 4 time Gruen Factory Signed & Hallmarked.  The case is all high polished yellow gold filled with soft satin sand marked stainless steel case back. This is the first issue Reference #352 Model made in 1938.

 The case measures 22.15mm wide (not counting the stem & crown) by 38.90mm lug to lug.




All Original Gruen Factory Signed, Patented Design, 15 Jewel, Caliber 400/401, Precision manual wind  movement




All original fancy dial featuring special 2-Tone Silvered Satin   background, with high polished Bold Gold Arabic Art Deco numbers. The Gruen logo, the subsidiary seconds register, inner trim and outer minute track are all trimmed in black enamel.




This Rare & Exotic timepiece comes with its original old gold filled link bracelet AND a black Crocodile grain stitched strap.



Why take a chance buying watches from online auctions, 3rd parties, brokers or "middlemen" not knowing for sure if the watch will be in proper running order when you get it?  Buy direct from a Vintage & Classic timepiece specialist and play it safe!



CIRCA: 1938


Condition: 86-88%

Excellent Overall Condition


$888.  + S/H


Item # T3013-IFR





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