For 36 years now our Wholesale, Retail, E-Commerce website and Live Direct Consumer Television shows have been fortunate to be front runners in the national and international antique timepiece business. Maintaining honest and ethical business practices for decades has its own reward. However, another huge benefit was that we are blessed to have first opportunity to acquire some aggressively sought after World Class antique timepieces, and, on rare occasions, even "Museum Pieces" . A Museum Quality Timepiece is rarely if ever available to the general public. These would be watches of historical significance that are extremely collectible, rare, scare, unique, unusual, extra fine and are heavily sought after timepieces.

True World Class and super scarce watches rarely ever make it to market and are usually only found at some of the worlds most prestigious Auction Houses. Rest assured that we will still be selling our normal high end, average and very affordable budget priced antique watches as well. However, for the select few that are knowledgeable of,,, can appreciate the rarity of,,, and can afford some of the most rare, the finest condition and most sought after vintages World Class timepieces,,, we present you with this true Museum Piece!!!!




Ultra High Grade Watch


100% All Original!!


"Watchmaker to the King"

This double signed ultra-rare “museum piece” has a LOT going for it. To start with, it is a SUPER scarce  L’ Epine early watch handmade by Jean-Antoine L’ Epine of Paris (1720-1814). He was made “Horloger du Roy” (as stated on the dial),,, or French for "Watchmaker to the King".  


L'Epine was an inventor and pioneered MANY advancements and firsts in the watch world. He built timepieces for King Louis XV, King Louis XVI, Napoleon and Josephine. 

L’ Epine was associated with, and built timepieces for Voltaire. L'Epine was commissioned to build a pocket watch for President George Washington. This watch is now on display at the Museum of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and considered “priceless”.


This super scarce museum quality timepiece has many extremely desirable features going for it. Just to start off with, it has an extremely rare elongated oval shaped handmade case and a matching handmade oval shape movement. (how many oval shape movements have you seen?) If this was not rare enough, the case is made of multi-colored (yellow, green, rose/pink & white) heavy 18 Karat Gold. It is a double hinged case. The watch size would be approximately an American 8-10 size measuring 33.10mm wide by 41.50mmin length not measuring the long sleeve, diamond crown, (or cap) and bow. The overall length measures 61.00mm.

There are 70 “Rose Cut” faceted diamonds in the bezel. The case back features its center oval with multicolored gold bars & designs. Just outside of the center oval is intricate engine turning and then “stepped” or “terraced” ridges of different colors of 18 Karat Gold stepping down to the outer perimeters of the case that have a "twisted, or braided rope pattern".

There is a large .25 - .33 carat Rose Cut faceted diamond in the crown or "cap".

The original multicolor porcelain dial is drop dead gorgeous and features a stunning blue background, two flying cherub angels, leaves & vines and features dual dials. The dial in the center is for the hours & minutes while the upper dial is to display the calendar complication. This 250 year old Museum Piece miraculously is still 100% intact with no cracks or hairlines!!

The movement is an early fusee type key-wind & key-set timepiece that winds from the front of the dial like most extremely early French made timepieces. This SUPER Scarce & Rare watch is NOT a timepiece, but rather a SUPER rare museum piece! The watch has set unattended in a safe and not cleaned up for at least the past 60-80 years. We could definitely have this watch serviced and overhauled should the person that buys it so desire. As the picture of the movement shows, all pieced are there, the fusee “chain” is still intact and on the cone. However,,, once again,,, this is a museum piece not a time piece!! It is not necessary to have this ultra rare piece cleaned & overhauled. It is not meant to be a casual timepiece to carry around as an everyday watch! It is SUPER valuable and rare in its current condition to any high end watch collector or persons that are collecting rare antiquities of historical significance.

If you might be a serious enough collector to own a true museum piece such as this, contact us before this treasure is “gone”.



CIRCA: 1760-1780



Be very VERY careful of dealers that state they are selling L'Epine watches in the $500-$3000 price range! Those watches might have the L'Epine name on them, but were made 100-125 years latter, and were defiantly NOT hand made by the world famous Jean-Antoine L'Epine! Beware of imitations!!! The only 2 L'Epine watches we found similar to this circa and originality doing an Internet search had no diamonds, no multicolor gold case or no multicolor enameled dial. One in a Silver case sold for $13,375. And another one with a plain dial, no diamonds and a 1 color gold case sold for $28,711. These were sold at Christies Auction House in November of 2007! If you have any other questions regarding this Museum Piece call our direct line 812-278-3180.




Overall Condition

$11,888. + S/I

Item # P3685-FFNF










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