"PROPER" Accutron



New Proper & Correct  1.35 Volt Cells!

(1.35 volt is the correct and original voltage that Bulova engineered and designed to run properly in all of their Accutron 214 and 218 watches!!)     These batteries are the proper Power Cells for EITHER 214 or 218 Accutron Models

At long last we now have the perfect solution for the long-standing Accutron power cell problem !! Buy several of these & save on shipping costs. They have a great shelf life, and that shelf life can be extended many times over by placing them air tight & dry in Zip-Lock bags and storing in your own home refrigerator. However, NEVER put them in the freezer, that will kill the battery!!  When the Bulova Corp. designed and engineered the world's first tuning fork movement Accutron watches, they were engineered to use an uninterrupted power source of 1.33 to 1.35 volts. The perfect power source for these watches were the low drain 343 and 387 1.35 volt mercury oxide batteries. For nearly 40 years, these batteries kept Accutron collectors as well as Accutron Certified Technicians and watch repair persons completely happy. Unfortunately, several years ago, some federal bureaucrat decided for us, that we should not have any more of these batteries for our watches. The production of all mercury oxide batteries stopped. This presented quite a problem for thousands of Accutron fanatics and repair people alike! We no longer had the proper battery for our Accutron's! We knew it would not take long for the small world supply of 343 and 387 batteries to become nonexistent. This left us with two unpleasant choices. Choice No. 1 was to somehow miraculously locate & hoard however many of  the few original batteries that were still in existence, and paying absolutely insane prices for them. We have observed original batteries selling in excess of $45. Each. Choice No. 2 was even less acceptable. Soon after the world learned there was no readily available supply of Accutron batteries, new "substitute" batteries came into the market. Unfortunately most watch makers, and almost none of the Accutron collectors realized these were the wrong voltage for the Accutron watch. The new "substitute" batteries were all 1.5 volt silver oxide power cells. We have even heard so-called "watch experts" tell their clients that all that needs to be done is to have their cherished Accutron "re-phased" or adjusted so their movement would burn these hotter or stronger batteries. (continued at right)>







Condition: 100%

Brand New!!



$12. each + S/H


Discounts for Large Distributor Quantity Purchases of 72 batteries or more


Item # A1688-MG




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Unfortunately, this makes as much sense as trying to put a 15 volt battery in your car that only was designed & engineered to use a 12 volt battery. If you did place a "hotter" battery in  however, what do you think would happen to the wiring circuits of your car, or your Accutron for that matter? Through years of intense research & development, we're proud to announce the fact that Boomertime is one of very few direct International distributors of the "new" Accutron power cells! These batteries emit the perfect uninterrupted 1.33 to 1.35 volt constant energy source that the Accutron's were designed to use!! The initial power source is a 1.5 volt 395 low drain silver oxide battery. The real miracle here however, is the unique copyrighted voltage controlling circuit that outputs the "exact" original designed voltage for the Accutron movements. Whenever actually testing these new batteries with a voltage meter outside of an actual Accutron movement, the visual readout can actually display lower than 1.35 volts, to even higher than 1.55 volts. The cell is designed to have the constant perfect voltage flow WITH the load bearing circuitry of the Accutron movement. Testing the loose cells without this movement load will result in an erratic or false voltage reading. After many years of research and development, we are proud to offer this perfect solution to a problem that has plagued the Accutron industry for a long time! You may purchase as many of these as you desire. We have large quantities on hand, and will discount for quantity purchases.

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