"South Moulton" Ladies Model

New Old Stock In Box

 Classic Vintage Model

Swatch enthusiasts and collectors of unusual or eclectic timepieces, WAKE UP ! In one of our watch buyouts, we acquired a large inventory of the "ORIGINAL" and early model Swatch watches! Some of these have been worn, some are in mint condition and some are New-Old-Stock still in their original factory boxes! These first-run Swatch watches have already proven to be quite collectible and difficult to find both in the United States and Internationally. We have approximately 200 Classic Original Swatch Watches in stock ranging between $20-$1200. Yes, we do have Keith Herring!

CIRCA: 1988

Condition: Mint/100%

New Old Stock!

$78. 00 + S/H



Item # S1863-JOF


The image on this page is of the actual watch for sale. It is not a stock photo of a similar item or a 2nd generation Photograph. If you don't find the particular watch you are looking for, please don't hesitate to call Boomer at: 866-278-3180.

As with anything that is of a rare or collectible nature, some models are far more in demand and have substantially higher values than other models. We will attempt to best described these Swatch watches based on our own observations of market trends and a compilation of several National and International Swatch collectors and brokers. This Swatch is named "South Moulton" Ladies model.  The Swatch reference # is LL-103. The Swatch was produced in 1988. The case front and back are  clear green frosted displaying the movement from the back. The strap & matching dial have the textured green finish of tiny bubbles or a magnified lime peel. The buckle and keeper are also matching frosted green. This watch is in MINT condition & is New Old Stock in the box! 

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